3D Environment Art, Lighting, Photographer, Graphic Designer - adam@murphygameart.com

2D Work

This page contains various types of my 2D work including Graphic Design, Environmental Concept Art (Digital Painting) and Sketches.


Art Deco style posters, inspired by the golden era of travel advertisements.

A collage of some of the graphic design work that I have done for various clients including logos, posters, web banners, promotional artwork and album art.


The title slate for Displacement, a sci-fi short film series. The graphic in motion can be seen here and on my cinematography page.


The promotional poster for Displacement. Intended to be printed on an 11”x17” poster.


A logo used for a sci-fi short film.

A digital painting piece based on Ray Bradbury's short story "The Fog Horn".

  • Concept art for my project Overture. A shot of the arboretum deck of an airship at night.

  • A castle interior with emphasis on lighting, color and mood.

  • A study of light and shadow done in pencil.

  • A foreboding castle quick sketch.

  • A desolate arctic communications outpost quick sketch.

  • Thumbnails tests for the layout of the arctic outpost.

  • A woman fighting in a futuristic game quick sketch digital painting.

  • Sketches for a gasmasked desperado survivor for my project Overture. Sketched in Copic pen.


  • Closeup of gasmasked fighter. Sketched with Copic pen.

  • Character and prop idea sketches done in pencil.