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Faded Line.JPG


Director of Photography reel during my time with Hot Reel Productions. PLEASE BE ADVISED: Some content in the video below may be offensive to some viewers so please view at your discretion.

The first segment is footage from Pacoima Noire, a short film inspired by the popular video game "L.A. Noire". It's a story about a detective investigating yet another homicide becoming burned out from all the violence that he witnesses in his work.

The second segment is a collection of footage from The Faded Line. It is a contemporary western about a man who's fallen in with bad company and gotten the person he cares about most involved. He must now go out and make things right.

I did the shot composition, camera work, lighting as well as some acting in both of these pieces.

Music in first segment from L.A. Noire soundtrack composed by Andrew Hale to which all music rights belong. Music in second segment courtesy of Hot Reel Productions.

The following clip is the motion graphics title intro for Displacement, a sci-fi time travel web series that is currently in production. I created the assets for the title sequence in Photoshop and I created the motion graphic sequence in After Effects. The idea was that time travel distorts and interferes with electronic equipment so the title sequence was designed to reflect that.

The clip below is the first episode of Displacement. This is the beginning of a web series that will be approximately 10 episodes long by it's end. For this series, I am serving as Director of Photography, Lead Camera Operator, Lighting and Storyboard artist. Music is courtesy of Dave Nelson and 138 Productions