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Elysium Temple

An ancient temple, long forgotten adorns the cliff tops of Elysium Atoll. Though the temple crumbles into the sea, it still harbors ancient secrets. All assets in the screenshots below were created by me.

 Elysium Cliff Temple Flythrough Video

  • Assets created in 3ds Max for basic blockout, then brought into Zbrush for detailed sculpting and painting. Decimation Master was then used to create a lower poly version suitable for the Unreal Engine, but still with enough polys to allow fairly detailed vertex painting.
  • When lower poly models were needed, the Simplygon mesh reducer now included in UDK was used.
  • Vertex painting is a way of reusing the same asset, but having the ability to paint different details on different portions. In the case of this level, the vertex paint was moss to make the assets look like they were being reclaimed by the environment around them.
  • Slope Block used as support for rest of temple, primarily around entrances/exits to inner temple areas.
  • Elephant Block used as a centerpiece above entrances/exits to inner temple areas as well as a focal point for the day to night transition seen in flythrough video above.
  • Support Pillar asset used mainly as decoration and as crossbracing for temple structures.
  • The Meditating Monk pice was designed to be the central asset for this environment.
  • Contains polypaint within it's material.
  • Collects and focuses energy that is emitted from the temple at night.
  • Created using fluid dynamics in Autodesk Maya.
  • Uses a SubUV Movie parameter in particle editor to animate the individual particles.
  • Comprised of a single diffuse texture which is layed out with the frames of the animation in a grid to use SubUV movie. 
  • Roof asset used for the roof, but when was also doubled for use as steps when flipped around.
  •  Rock Spire asset used as the primary foundation for the rest of the temple as well as the rocky bridges between the spires.
  • Some simple flowers to be distributed around the level to add some foliage detail.
  • Composed of a single Diffuse texture with an alpha channel for the cut outs of the petals.
  • Created using real pictures from my backyard.